Thursday, February 17, 2011


illustration with sketchpens, printed on textured paper
Ever since we were taught to bind books ourselves, I've been trying to find time and make some for myself. I bought handmade paper and made some illustrations for the covers. I also tried printing on different kinds of paper for the covers. Making the books proved to be a good break and I had gifts for friends and family (I don't have any left with me). So for myself...I've to find time again.


Uttarayan is celebrated in a big way in Gujarat. For two days, the horizon is made up of people crammed on their terraces and the sky specked with countless colourful kites. Shouting, celebration and the spirit of competition add to the frenzy. Even the nightfall does not deter these people from flying kites. In fact, it is a delight to watch the night sky. Along with the stars will shine little lamps attached to the kite strings, struggling against the winds. It is simply...beautiful!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love in the air

I wanted to post this on the appropriate day, but due to some issues couldn't. It's from an old sketchbook, medium - oil pastels.